There are two WordPress Plugins that this post is centered around:

FB comments by Wpdevart;

and Accesspress Social Auto Post.

Both of these plugins are very useful and easy to install, with the latter being extremely powerful. When you implement Categories as does MOKANA.COM, you hit a massive wall with Facebook Comments as explained below.

To use Facebook Comments effectively, you utilize a Facebook API that then “tracks” the comments using the Social Graph. The power of the API is the Moderation tool provided to the Administrators of any particular page. This tool allows for the Mirroring of comments onto a particular Facebook Page, but only if the Posting API and the Comments API are the same.

MOKANA.COM utilizes Categories to coordinate the posting across multiple Facebook pages of the various Columns of Commentary:

Utilizing the Accesspress Social Auto Post plugin, there are several “accounts” set up, and each one utilizes a unique Facebook API to post to a particular Facebook Page. When the plugin recognizes a particular Category, it fires off a post to a page behind the scenes from the server with seamless integration. You can have an unlimited number of accounts posting to various pages, each utilizing a unique Facebook API.

However, the FB Comments plugin can only accept one Facebook API to handle the tracking of comments. Each Post/Page “could” have its own Facebook Comments API assigned to it, but I have long ago moved out of the realm of heads down coding and if anything, I am now simply a systems integrator—long retired from high tech. I am not about to write my own plugin to track which API should be assigned to which Category so that Comments can be more effectively tracked by the Facebook Social graph—the binding of the URL of a specfic post under a specific API call.

Facebook tracks comments based upon a particular URL, but it stores that canonical information in reference to a particular API. When you use the Moderator tool, you can set  a “setting” that Mirrors the comments on a website Post/Page with what is shown on a Facebook Page. If a user enters a comment on the Facebook Page it will be reflected on the website and vice versa. But only if the Website is using the corresponding API. Since MOKANA.COM has multiple Categories and the using of Facebook Comments is a must for many reasons (security, spamming, harassment), the comment Mirroring functionality gets lost if a different Comments API other than the Page posting API is used.

So how was this problem solved? It wasn’t. I punted for as I said before, I was not about to do any type of heads down coding. What I did was split the difference. I use the same API for ALL of the Facebook page postings and the Facebook Comments and then instead of using each “account” set up under the Social Auto Post Plugin to post to only a specific page, I post to two pages, the MOKANA page and the Category page. The only page that will Mirror the Comments will be the master MOKANA Facebook page because the Moderator tool only allows the selection of one page to Mirror per API. It bummed me out, but that was the best I could accomplish until someone out there develops a comment plugin that assigns an API to unique Categories like the Auto Post plugin does. I could not find one and boy did I look.

Once again, both plugins listed here work as advertised. The Auto Social Post plugin allows for multiple accounts with different APIs and the FB Comment plugin does not resulting in Comment Mirroring loss.

It is what it is.

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